Professional On-The-Go Teeth Whitening Strips From London
Use it anytime & anywhere

Professional On-The-Go Teeth Whitening Strips From London

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Why Rigel

On-the-Go whitening
On-the-Go whitening
Feel free to use the strips anytime and anywhere
Dissolving strips
Dissolving strips
Strips dissolve on your teeth and completely wash away with saliva
Made in the UK
Made in the UK
RIGEL Provides only high English quality of the product
Safe whitening
Safe whitening
The strips do not contain peroxide and suitable for even the most sensitive teeth
Certified manufacturer
Certified manufacturer
Manufactured according to all European and Worldwide certificates and standards of quality
Invisible strips
Invisible strips
The strips are extremely thin and almost invisible when applied to the teeth
Refresh breath
Refresh breath
Strips have a minty flavor and freshen breath after use
The innovative formula of bleaching
The innovative formula of bleaching
Unique patented technology of oxygen activation Eureco HC®
Kill oral bacteria
Kill oral bacteria
Active components define bacteria on teeth and kill them
Remove dental plaque
Remove dental plaque
RIGEL strips remove plaque even from hard to reach places
Sensitive teeth friendly
Sensitive teeth friendly
The strips are suitable for all types of teeth even sensitive teeth
100% Result guaranteed
100% Result guaranteed
We guarantee visible results after just one course

Risk Factors

Citrus fruits, pomegranates, currants, cherries contain acids that reduce the whiteness of teeth
Coffee stains the enamel making it a yellow unhealthy shade
Tobacco smoke leads to browning of tooth enamel
The destructive effect of alcohol on tooth enamel and tooth color
Candy, dried fruit, chips and french fries form plaque on the teeth, reducing their whiteness
Lack of hygiene, untimely removal of soft plaque, and poor choice of toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss.

How to use

Apply RIGEL® strips to your teeth anytime, anywhere. Strips start working immediately
Let the strips gently dissolve on your teeth over the course of 15-20 minutes
Now you’re ready to enjoy your day with a bright smile!
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Question & Answer

What key functions do our teeth perform?
Your teeth differ in size and shape depending on where they are placed in the mouth cavity. These differences make it possible to perform a set of functions. Teeth help us to chew and digest food. They help us to speak and pronounce different sounds. Finally, teeth form the shape of the face. A healthy and beautiful smile may become a real advantage, that’s why it’s very important to look after your teeth as carefully as possible. Whitening strips RIGEL will help you to make your smile healthy and shiny white without any harm.
What is dental plaque and how can it cause teeth decay?
Dental plaque is a thin and sticky film formed of bacteria that is permanently formed on your gums and teeth. When you eat food rich in sugars and carbohydrates, bacteria that make up the plaque produce acids that are harmful to enamel. Sticky plaque keeps these acids on the teeth. As a result of permanent contact with acids the enamel that covers the tooth is becomes thinner forming a hole or a crack. Whitening strips RIGEL remove plaque from teeth in 14 days after the beginning of application. Besides, the regular use of our product will protect your teeth from dental plaque and enamel defects for a long time.
Can a diet help?
A lot of people think that the high level of sugar in diet causes caries, but this is not always the reason. The fact is that how often you eat sugar but not the quantity of its consumption is important. The neutralizing of acid that appears when you consume sugar in food or drink takes about an hour at average. Thus, it’s very important to reduce the frequency of interaction of sugar with enamel by consuming sugar-containing products and drinks only when taking the main meal. Such products as coffee, fruits and alcohol cause enamel darkening and decay except sugar. Whitening strips RIGEL help to avoid enamel decay and darkening due to its unique patented formula and keep teeth white despite the risk factors caused by such products’ consumption.
Whitening tools: good or bad?
Kits (for application of peroxide substances), strips, pencils or other products on sale containing hydrogen or carbamide peroxide, may contain acid unbuffered solutions that can harm enamel. Dentists also use different peroxide-rich agents that often cause teeth pain and sensitivity. Whitening strips RIGEL are absolutely harmless for gums and teeth because of the absence of hydrogen peroxide in it. Moreover, these strips dissolve that means you won’t feel any discomfort while using them.
What impact has the sensitivity on your teeth?
Teeth sensitivity can take the form of intense pain and usually impacts everyday activities such as meal and tooth brushing. It can also cause unpleasant and frequent dentist visits. If teeth are healthy porous tissue called dentin is protected by gums and firm an external layer of enamel. However, dentin can become naked because of the gum sedimentation, appearance of splits and cracks on teeth or enamel thinning. Microscopic holes in dentin called canals are connected to the nerve that causes painful feelings when tooth is irritated by certain food or drinks. Whitening strips RIGEL will fit all teeth types because they don’t contain hydrogen or carbamide peroxide and are absolutely harmless for teeth tissues and nerves.
How often should I see my dentist?
Visit your dentist at least every six months and any moment when teeth problems appear. Arrange a professional cleaning with a licensed dental hygienist. Be «an informed patient of a clinic» and pay attention on everything that is going on around you. Every time you see your dentist ask him/her about your teeth condition! Use whitening strips RIGEL quarterly as a precaution and teeth problems would trouble you less often and you will remain satisfied with your visits results.
Will the teeth whitening effect remain forever?
No, the whitening effect is not permanent. It can last from several months to several years but everything depends on individual differences. Usually the whitening effect is observed for not a very long time if you smoke, drink red vine, tea or coffee, or eat fast-food and sweets that can cause teeth staining. If you smoke or drink red vine, tea or coffee, and like fast-food and sweets, whitening strips RIGEL will become an ideal solution for keeping your teeth white for a long time. Use strips RIGEL quarterly to achieve an optimal result.
Can the use of peroxide for enamel whitening harm teeth?
Hydrogen peroxide is a very active agent which most frequent adverse effects are mouth cavity’s and gums’ irritation, as well as teeth temperature-sensitivity. It’s very important to avoid hydrogen peroxide swallowing because it may unfavorably interact with natural acids inside the stomach – for example, with the vitamin К, that dissolves food correctly. And if you have some cuts or wounds in the mouth cavity under NO circumstances use peroxide, because it can «stain» into gum tissue. Whitening strips RIGEL do NOT contain peroxide and are absolutely harmless for enamel and gums. Moreover, in a few minutes these strips are dissolve, turn into an active gel, and then fully wash out by saliva in 25-30 minutes leaving a pleasant feeling of clearness and mint freshness in the mouth without any rinsing.
How do strips RIGEL work?
Dissolving strips RIGEL are easy and simple for use outside the home, any place and any time, and everyone will notice the whitening result. Strips should be applied to upper and lower jaws and in few minutes they dissolve to a consistency of active gel, afterwards they are fully washed out by saliva in 25-30 minutes leaving a pleasant feeling of clearness and mint freshness in the mouth without any rinsing. Strips can be applied twice a day during a week or once a day during two weeks.
What is the basis of strips RIGEL effect?
Strips effect is based on the patented formula of oxygen activation. An active whitening component called EURECO™ HC was created for safe cosmetics, including the whitening strips RIGEL. This is a special patented formula that releases the active oxygen that penetrates into enamel and whitens it carefully without causing any harm. Whitening strips RIGEL are certified and have successfully passed all laboratory and clinical tests on security and efficiency.
When can I use whitening strips RIGEL?
Thanks to its easiness and simplicity of use you can use strips RIGEL almost everywhere: leaving for work, going for a run, playing, working or talking to someone. You will find yourself comfortable and won’t be troubled with the thought how and where you can remove strips after using.
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