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About the RIGEL product

How often do I use the strips?
One package is designed for one week, if you apply the strips twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. Or for two weeks, with daily application. The strips can also be safely recommended for permanent use. You can use them several times a week after the full whitening course to maintain and improve your result. After all, the strips do not only whiten your teeth, they also have plaque removing properties.
How long does it take for the strips to dissolve?
It takes 3–5 minutes. The strips then turn into a thin layer of active gel. Do not remove the gel, it will be washed away by your saliva within 15–20 minutes.
How does the product dissolve?
The strip is composed of dry gel. It gets converted into a liquid active gel on contact with your teeth enamel and saliva, and is then washed away with your saliva.
What whitening agents are used in the gel?
Our active teeth whitening ingredient is called EURECO™ HC. This component was specially designed for gentle, peroxide-free teeth whitening. The innovative EURECO™ HC formula acts by releasing active oxygen, which penetrates into the tooth enamel layers and effectively removes the plaque and stains without having any negative effect on the enamel itself.
Can I use the strips if I have dental crowns?
The product can be used with crowns as well as fillings, as its active ingredients gently restore the crowns and fillings to their original colour without having any negative effect on their materials.
Can I use the product if I wear braces?
People who wear braces can also use RIGEL products. The strips reduce the number of oral cavity bacteria and reduce plaque formation. On contact with the teeth, the strips turn into an active gel, which penetrates the most inaccessible places and removes the plaque. The strips do not contain any components that could potentially affect the braces and oxidize the metal.
How is the product certified?
Since this is a cosmetic product, it is certified with:
а) the ‘TR TS 009/2011 Safety Certificate for perfumes and cosmetic products’ which is sufficient to allow the sale of a cosmetic product on the territory of the Russian Federation.
b) European certificates of conformity to regulation No. 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of the European Union ‘On cosmetic products’ (new edition).
c) The product is manufactured and certified according to the international industry quality management standard ISO 13485, developed by the ISO international standardization organization.

Product safety

How aggressive is this kind of teeth whitening?
RIGEL whitening strips are one of the least aggressive and most gentle teeth whitening products on the globe market. They do not contain hydrogen peroxide or urea and do not create oxidation. The whitening effect is achieved by releasing active oxygen, which penetrates into the tooth enamel layers and gently whitens your teeth without producing any negative effect on the enamel.
Are the chemicals in the dissolvable gel safe for my body?
All the ingredients in the product are completely safe. The concentration of each component can not cause any harm to the stomach lining or the body as a whole. The safety of the product is confirmed by European quality certificates.
Is the product bad for the teeth enamel?
There is no damage to the teeth enamel, since the whitening process occurs without oxidation, unlike the peroxide-containing teeth whitening products at the dentist's office or such home whitening products as caps, lamps or American and Chinese strips. Our innovative EURECO HC® formula releases active oxygen which penetrates into the layers of tooth enamel and removes plaque and stains without causing any harm to the enamel itself.
Is the product safe to use during pregnancy?
We do not recommend using whitening strips during pregnancy or if you are breastfeeding.
Who cannot use the product?
We do not recommend the product for children under 12 years of age. There are no other counter indications, except for individual intolerance to the ingredients or some specific oral cavity conditions.


How quickly do I see whitening results?
Individual results depend on the tooth enamel characteristics: its structure and the degree of staining. In some cases, the effect is noticeable after the first application. Other people begin to see tangible results halfway through the course (that is, after using half of the package). The effect is always clearly visible after using the full package.
How long does the effect last after the course?
It will, again, depend upon the individual characteristics of a person's tooth enamel and his/her lifestyle. How often they eat enamel-staining foods or smoke cigarettes and so on. In general, the effect lasts for at least 3 months without maintenance.

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