Return policy


The duration of our insurance is 1 Month. After a period of 1 Month since your buying, the option to reimburse or swap your buying cannot be used.
It is imperative that the subject of sale has not been troubled and the package has not been tampered with. Otherwise, the insurance will not cover your application.
To finalize reimbursement, a cash voucher or any other written evidence of buying shall be submitted.
The buying does not need to be returned to the producer of goods.
The reimbursement can be made partly in some cases (under appropriate circumstances).
- The buying is used, spoiled or dismantled through no fault of ours
- The buying is not given back within 1 Month upon receipt.


You will be notified upon receipt of the returned buying via email, as soon as we check the condition of it. You will be also notified whether we accept or deny your application.
Should your application be accepted, the reimbursement process will be activated, so the payment would be sent to your bank account no later than 5 bank days.


Should you miss your reimbursement, check it with your financial institution first.
Check it with your payment system then. Your reimbursement can be in process.
Check it with your financial institution then. Reimbursement can be under its way. When it’s over, the payment is being sent.
Should your payment be not received after all the steps above, do not hesitate to contact our hotline return@rigelstrips.com


The reduced priced products are not subject to reimbursement, just original price products are covered.


The flawed or spoiled buying shall be swapped. Should you be interested to swap your buying for the same product, do not hesitate to email us return@rigelstrips.com and send your buying to: Address: Office 29, Clifton House, Fitzwilliam Street lower, Dublin 2, Ireland


In case if the product was specified as a present at the moment of buying and delivered down to your address, the gratuitous certificate of the same price will be sent to you as soon as the returned buying is received.
In case if the product was not specified as a present at the moment of buying or the presenter opted for delivery to its own address in order to handle the buying to you later, the reimbursement would be sent to the presenter so he will be notified of your return.


You have to send your buying to the address below to return it Address: Office 29, Clifton House, Fitzwilliam Street lower, Dublin 2, Ireland
The delivery charge for returning of you buying will be designated to your account. The delivery charge is not a subject to reimbursement.
The period of delivery of the swapped product may be different according to your domicile.

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